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Well, I have tried and tried to organize pictures and do posts from the birthday party in categories.  But, due to my learning curve on this new MAC and the MASSIVE amount of pictures I have, I decided to go another route.  I'm just gonna post pictures by the camera rather than category.  So, I'm starting with my camera.  My wonderful friend Amanda was there to document Jonah's 2nd party just as she did his first party.  (and his birth!)

Ella and Amelia were the first two kids to arrive at the party.  They got there about 45 minutes early so they had plenty of time to run and play with everything.  Amanda even tested out the photo backdrop with them.  Poor Amelia wasn't feeling great but she still had a great time playing...until she conked out!

I am always glad to have Josh and Amanda around.  Josh keeps things light and funny and Amanda is a creative genius.  Their little baby is set to make his debut on November 3rd so I will have the opportunity to repay her for all of the photography of special events.  
My mom and Hannah got there pretty early too so Hannah immediately started entertaining the kids.  She's a HUGE help and has so much fun playing with kids.  
Dan got Jonah up from his nap, fed him lunch and dressed him while I was at the church putting finishing touches on the party.  When they pulled in the parking lot, I went out to meet them because I wanted to see Jonah's face when he saw all of the Mickey stuff.  

It is so much fun to watch him enjoy something that we put effort into.  So many people have made comments about how over the top Jonah's parties are.  My intention is only to make it special for him.  I want him to walk into the room and be amazed.  I think we have accomplished that both years.  I guess my goal in that comes from my Christmas birthday.  Parties were never a big deal for me because of the time of year.  Everyone was too busy to attend a birthday party so I never had them.  So, because of that, birthdays are HUGE for me where Jonah is concerned.  
While Jonah looked around the room, Dan got hugs from Ella and Amelia.  Jonah and Ella spoke to each other then just kind of stared at each other.  I really wish those two lived closer together because they are really taken with each other.  People constantly talk about how much they look alike.  

Hannah loves her little cousin!  She would hug and kiss him all day long if he would let her.  

Amanda did a great job on Jonah's birthday frame again this year.  I love doing the signature frames for him because it gives us something to look at all year long and remind us of his party.  
When I started ordering decorations for Jonah's party, I discovered this huge Mickey AIRWALKER balloon.  I am so glad I bought it because the kid adored it.  Actually, all the kids there loved it.  It was a huge hit.  

I LOVE, LOVE these two girls!  When we first came to this church 6 years ago, there was only one other couple our age who were active in the church.  Over time, our age group has exploded.  It has been great to see young couples come to our church and for us to develop relationships with some people our age.  They are both due with babies this fall, Eli and Hannah.  
Doug and Katie are another young couple that have joined in the last couple of years.  Their little girl Julia is just precious and they are expecting a little boy this fall.  We can't wait to meet him.  

Stuart, Cari and Tanya all came to wish Jonah a happy birthday.  I think they had as much fun at the party as the little kids did!
Tommy (a.k.a. Taddy) was also there with his camera in hand.  You will see a post of his pictures later.  Like I said earlier, I'm having to do posts of each camera individually.  

You all recognize Marlie.  She is a regular on our blog.  She and Jonah are such big buddies.  It is so fun to watch them play and interact.  It doesn't hurt at all the we love her parents!
Marlie's dad, Josh was our videographer for the day.  He got lots of great video for us.  I would tell you to stay tuned to see the edited version on YOUTUBE but since Dan hasn't gotten around to editing the first birthday bash, then I wouldn't get your hopes up.  
Olivia Kate Pepper was born in November.  Her mom and dad came to our church the first time right before she was born.  It has been fun to watch her grow and develop but now we are sad because they are moving to Tennessee.  Fortunately, Olivia Kate's grandparents live in Natchez so we will get to see her a few times a year.  
We took Jonah over to his cake so we could sing Happy Birthday and then cut the cake.  He immediately picked up a fork.  I think he was MORE than ready to have some cake.  It was so funny.  

He did so good blowing out the candles.  Dan practiced with him before bringing him to the party.  

Jonah has a BLAST opening presents this year.  He was so cute opening each card and gift.  Once he opened the gift he would look at it and then say "Open dis!"  He wanted us to open the presents so he could play with them.  We would quickly move on the next gift and then he wanted us to "open dis!"  He was genuinely appreciative of was so cute to watch.  

He loves money!  I mean, he really loves money.  He doesn't know you spend it or what it is for.  He just thinks it is a fun thing to hold in his hand.  He loves putting money in his bank.  He was so happy to find money in several cards.  

This next picture makes my heart smile.  I love my little family and I love birthdays.  I love the opportunity to celebrate someone's life...especially when that someone is my little boy!!!

Amanda, Cliff and Jonah look like they are in a Mickey cult!  This picture is great!  If only Jonah were smiling as big as Cliff and Amanda.  
Here I am with my boss!  Yeah, he loves me!  (or at least I tell him he does!)  I told him I am going to have this picture blown up for his office.  I don't think he is excited about that idea.  
Here we are with Dan's mom and grandmother.  We took this in the midst of cleaning up so all of the decorations are down but at least we have a cute little boy in the picture with us.  
They came back to the house for a little while after the party.  Jonah spent some time playing with a few of his toys.  We all ate some birthday cake then said our goodbyes to them after taking a few pictures.  Jonah gave them hugs and kisses on their way out.  

After they left, we came inside and Jonah played with his new guitar from Sue.  She had to get that for him after watching him eye Josh's guitar for many months.  He loves it.  

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