Sunday, July 20, 2008

Train Set...take 2

Jonah's grandparent's gave him a Geotrax train set for Christmas last year. We played with it then but he didn't quite get the concept. He was more interested in walking on the tracks than watching the train. We have not gotten it out since then because we wanted him to mature a little before he saw it again.

Friday afternoon, Dan decided to see what 8 months would do for his admiration of a train set. We both know he is infatuated with trains in general, so we thought it might go better this time around.

We were right. He loved it! He quickly mastered the remote and knew how to make it go and make it stop. He knew what to do it it got off track and even told us about the various stops on the track. (the bridge, the tower, etc)
The cool thing about this system is the massive amount of add-ons you can buy for this set. It will be fun to take him to pick out new parts and pieces for his train set as he gets older. We are thinking we will take him to Walmart on his birthday and let him pick out something new this year. There are so many options that he will have a great time choosing.
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