Sunday, July 20, 2008

SMACK 2008

Tonight was the 2008 performance of SMACK. Dan started SMACK (Summer Music and Activity Camp for Kids) in 2003 here at FBC. It is an activity filled week of fun, games and music for kids in grades 1-5. Over the course of the week, the kids learn an entire musical and then perform it on Sunday night.

Since it was going to be all music, I decided to attempt Jonah being in the sanctuary rather than the nursery. I figured it couldn't be too bad since there would be tons of kids in there. I was so proud of him. He sat there like such a big boy for the first 15-20 minutes. Doesn't he look so grown up?

Once the program started, Jonah caught a glimpse of his daddy and got so excited. He was even more excited when Dan sat down with us. I don't think he has ever sat next to Dan in church before. He spent the next little while in Dan's lap.

Towards the end of the presentation, he discovered Tara's camera. She gave it to me to take pictures. Jonah got in between me and Amanda and started looking through the lens of the camera. Then we heard him count...just like I do when taking pictures. Man, they pick up SO much!

He looked at Josh and told him to "Mile, Josh!" This picture cracked me up. The kid adores Josh Wilson and from the look on Josh's face, I think the feeling is pretty mutual! Who else would Josh Wilson ham it up for besides my little guy???

He then turned the camera towards Clare and told Clare to "mile" too! As you can see, both Clare and Sylvia obliged him. I may end up with a photographer on my hands. He certainly comes by it natural. He has had more photos taken than most any child I know. (an average of 500 per month get archived to CD!) Here is my sweet little family! Even though Jonah isn't smiling, this picture makes my heart so happy. I feel so blessed to be called wife and mom by these two precious people.
Joshua and Casey joined us for a picture. I love the brown shirts Joshua chose this year. They really complimented the theme.
When we first came to this church six years ago, Taylor Welch was in elementary school. She was our next door neighbor for three years and has always been involved in SMACK. We have an annual SMACK picture done with her every year. She is now going into the tenth grade! Man, we are getting old!
Here is Jonah and his Zoo-zoo. I'm not sure which of these two love each other more? It would be a close contest to judge!
In case you haven't noticed this before on the blog, I LOVE pictures of Jonah and Dan walking together holding hands. You can see a post with one of those pictures probably at least once a week. Sorry to inundate you with them but I can't help myself. LOVE THEM!

A certain church member stole my camera and made me think he was taking my picture with Mrs. Rosemary with HIS camera. In reality, he took my camera from my bag to take this. It's okay because I love this sweet lady! (and the thief who took my camera! No wonder he has been demoted to the back door greeter!)
Jonah was so tempted by the snack table at the fellowship after church. He looked very closely but never touched any food until he asked. I am loving these manners he acquired!!!

I'm not sure what Jonah and Tammy were laughing at but they are both pretty tickled. I'm sure he just swindled her out of something because that kid has her number!!
Mrs. Bettye came over to get some kisses from Jonah. He was actually pretty free with his hugs and kisses tonight. I try to take advantage of that any chance I get!

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