Sunday, July 27, 2008

Party Decorations

My mom and Hannah got here around 5:30 Friday night. That worked out great because she was able to keep Jonah occupied at home so we could do some things for the party. We were borrowing several toys from the Hargon Family so they met us at the church to unload everything. Since we were meeting them there anyway, we loaded up my car and unloaded all of our stuff.

The Fellowship Hall was reserved Friday night so we could not get in to decorate. Our plan was to unload then head home for the night. After Josh and Diane left, we stuck around to talk to some of the people then realized they were all loading up to head home. We decided to move a few things around to give us a jump start for the next morning. Well, those few things ended up keeping us there until almost midnight!! We finished EVERYTHING except for inflating all the balloons and few other small details.

At one point, I ran home to grab a few things I'd left behind and to get my camera. When I came back, I discovered Dan and Hannah thick in the middle of a contest. They created and obstacle course and were timing each other. Hannah was such a HUGE help to us Friday night. It is hard to believe she is about to be 10! She was born the month after Dan & I were engaged. We have always lived away from her but love her so much. I'm glad she was able to make the trip down with my mom. It would not have been the same without her.
Yes, by this time of night, I was completely exhausted. We had some things happen at work last week that added a huge level of stress to my job. By the time I got to the church to decorate, I was already exhausted! You can tell that in this picture!
Obviously, Dan was full of energy! Isn't he precious?? He gets in to this whole birthday party idea as much as I do. We both adore that little boy and want to do anything we can to make his special day happy!

This picture made me laugh! Check out the way Dan is looking at me! He apparently disagrees with what ever I was suggesting.
The next morning, Diane and Marlie came to blow up the jumper and have it ready for the big event. Marlie test drove all of the toys and made sure they were ready for the party.
I spent more time using the Cricut to make designs for the walls. That thing came in very handy for this birthday party!!

Amanda and Sue came to help us inflate balloons and get them put up. I was a little bummed because my helium tank that was supposed to inflate 60-75 balloons ran out of helium after about 15 or 16 balloons. So, I had lots of bare spaces on walls that would have had bright and colorful balloons.

Here is the cake! I ABSOLUTELY loved it! It was as good and tasty as it was cute. Linda McClure of Deseret Designs made it and I could not have been more pleased! I went to her shop last Monday and she and I designed it. I knew we did not want fondant like we had last year. Even though you can peel the fondant back, I found that to be too difficult for the little kids. So, we designed this cake using butter cream with fondant accents. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

Here are some shots of the different parts of the room. It is hard to capture the real feeling on film, but maybe this will give you an idea.

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It looks awesome! And wow! The cake is amazing!!!


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