Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Movin' on up!

While we were in Baton Rouge last weekend, I bought a Toddler Bed for Jonah. It is the same brand as his furniture and crib so it matched perfectly! His crib actually converts to a toddler bed and then on to a full size bed but I'm not a fan of how those cribs convert. They look like little prisons to me. So, I decided to get an actual toddler bed that can carry him through the next year or so. And, that also means I can pass my crib on to someone who needs it.

I have read a lot about the transition to toddler beds, talked to many other moms and stalked blogs of friends who made the big switch. I felt pretty prepared as to what to expect so I filled Dan in on all I had read on the drive home from Baton Rouge. Our plan was to put the bed together and just let it be in his room for a couple of day so he could get used to it. So, we got home, got unpacked and got to work. I opened the box and took out all the pieces for Dan. Actually, I attempted to put it together but I couldn't even figure how to put the first two pieces together!!

Jonah was in the front completely unaware of what was going on is his room. He was riding his truck around the kitchen. I told him to ride to his room to see what his daddy was doing.

He got to the door and quickly forgot about his truck. He was so happy to see the electric screwdriver. He immediately picked up the screws and started putting them in every hold he could find.

As soon as he realized Dan was not holding the screwdriver, he snuck over and picked it up. He firmly believed he was doing his part to help. He was so serious about it.

Being the good teacher that Dan is, he talked Jonah through what he was doing and explained every detail to him. I feel pretty confident that Jonah could almost put a bed together on his own!

He reached in to get something under the bed and fell right over. Of course, I took a picture before getting him out. In my defense, I made sure he was okay first. And, he wasn't really crying like the picture suggests...he was just whining a little bit.
While Dan was putting the bed together, we realized just how interested Jonah was in the process. I began to wonder if we were going to need to break him in slowly or not. After the bed was finished, I put Jonah in his crib and asked him if he wanted to sleep there or in his big boy bed. He said "bibobed!" So, the decision was made! We decided to go straight for the big boy bed but still leave the crib in his room in case it was a disaster!
Knowing me the way you do, I'm sure you won't be surprised to find that I took a few pictures of Jonah in his crib for the last time. (Gee, even typing that makes me sad!)

Dan picked him up out of the crib and put him on the floor. He went right to his new bed and got in. We told him to roll over on his tummy and go night-night! HE DID! Well, he didn't go to sleep but he did roll over!

Since the plan was to put him to bed in his new bed that night, we needed to do a little child proofing in his room so if he did get up during the middle of the night, he could not hurt himself. We removed everything he could climb on, ride on or get on top of. That included his toy box, bookshelf, riding toys and basically everything but the big furniture. The plan was to see how he did then slowly move those things back in.
We moved his rug under his bed so there would be an extra layer of softness if he happened to fall out. We put the bed up against the wall to protect one side. Can you tell we were extra cautious??? I did put a few books and a couple of small toys right next to his bed.
After getting his room ready, we started the night time routine. Only this time, we never moved to the rocker after brushing his teeth. We read his nightly preschool devotion, said our prayers and then read our Elmo colors book all with him in his bed. We told him good night and left the room. He was out in less than 5 minutes and never even sat up. I went in several times to check on him. This is how I found him each time.

He woke up once around 3:40 a.m. and as soon as he cried, I darted down the hall. I was afraid he had fallen out of the bed or was scared. I walked in his room and he said "milk...please!" He was still laying down...he just woke up hungry! The next morning we heard him over the monitor just a talking. We figured he got up and was playing in his room. Dan went to look on the video monitor before we walked in. He was sitting in his bed just reading a book.
I grabbed my camera (as if you had any doubt!) and we headed down the hall to his room. We opened the door and he said "Can I get up?" So, so, so precious! I could not believe it!! Not only did he do well all night long, he didn't even get out of bed until we got in there to get him.

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Karin said...

That is soooo great!!! And awesome that he asked to get up!!!! :) I hope it continues to go just as smoothly!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Jonah's such a big boy now,Alway's mom's and dad's Little boy at heart!

winstead family said...

cole NEVER got out of his "big boy" bed before he "asked" us if it was ok. that is so great that he is soo compliant! :)

Eden and Noah's Mama said...

Noah's been in his big boy bed for about a month now, and he LOVES it!!! We redid his room in dinosaurs and it has went very smoothly so far. Hope you have as good of luck as I have with Noah:)


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