Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miss-Lou Community Choir

Jonah, Sue and I headed over to the Natchez City Auditorium last Thursday to hear the Miss-Lou Community choir. Normally, we would have gone with Dan but he drove the bus from our church over there. So, it was up to us to go on our own. Sue was more than happy to go with us and help me get Jonah from the car to the building. (Parking is awful there so we were prepared to walk a long way!)

Once we got there, we were happy to discover Dan was driving around picking people up at their cars and delivering them to the front door. He's so nice and thoughtful like that! (Just one of the many reasons I love him!) Jonah was thrilled to see his daddy but even more thrilled to discover his daddy driving a bus! He loves trucks and buses! He enjoyed the short 3 minute ride to the front door way more than the actual event! Children are so easy to impress sometimes!

We got there and I was quickly reminded just how much I LOVE and appreciate the church nursery. He did not want to sit and listen to anything. He wanted to play with the balloons and go up and down the steps. Fortunately, the place wasn't full so we had about 10 empty rows behind us that he could play on.

Dan picked him up for the pledge and Star Spangled Banner. I told him to put his hand on his heart like daddy and he clasped them to pray instead. He kept them like that for the song and the pledge.

It was a long night trying to entertain him but I'm glad he got to go with us. I think things like this just help prepare him for opportunities to be a big boy!

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