Sunday, July 20, 2008

Little Artist

My little boy is a budding artist. I'm not sure where he gets that from but it certainly isn't from either of his parents. Maybe he got it through osmosis from Manna. He is so easily entertained by paper and crayons, markers or paint. My mom sent him this cool art pad a few months ago. It is great because it has a sticky side to it so the paper doesn't move everywhere while you are coloring. Then, you can transfer it to the fridge and don't need a magnet.

After coloring with the crayons for a while, I decided to let him try the washable markers. I gave him freedom to do what he wanted. I knew he would make a mess but he has to learn to use things like that. Besides, they were washable so I wasn't overly concerned.

I love the look on intent on his face. He was so serious about tracing the little box on the border. He moved from box to box tracing each one.

After coloring with markers for a while, we moved to playdough. He has progressed enough in his playdough development that he doesn't try to eat it anymore. That makes playdough time much more enjoyable. I could actually turn my back and clean the kitchen without worries of him ingesting the stuff.

Here is my little Picasso showing off his very own body art. Who needs a tattoo when you have markers?

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kathy malott said...

I think he wrote "TOMM"...not sure, but it looked like it...did you teach him that?


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