Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jonah's Birthday Party

I wish you could all see this invitation in person. It came out so cute. I only ordered 20 this year. Yes, I know...a far cry from the 80 we sent last year!!! But, because of the nature of his party, we only invited kids age 3 and under. We are turning the room into a big play area and are catering everything to very small kids. So, we invited his cousins and few friends from church and school. (and his grandparents, of course!) I think it is going to be so much fun for them.

BUT, just because you did not get an invitation, doesn't mean that you can't come. We had to limit the number of kids we invited but any of you adults that love our little boy are welcome to come for cake and ice cream. I ordered the cake on Monday and TRUST ME...there will be more than enough cake to feed anyone who might stop by!!!

We marked through some of the information on the invitation to limit access to someone who might not know us. But, if you know us, you probably can tell where the location is and you also know how to call us for more information. Oh, and don't bring a gift! The kid will have plenty!


Barb said...

That is so cute! Very creative. Oh, and I'll have a hard time ever forgetting Jonah's birthday, since he shares it with my mom and my uncle. A good day all around. Happy Birthday, Jonah!

Karin said...

tooo cute!!! :)

Ok, we'll be there!! ;)


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