Thursday, July 17, 2008


Since I have been home with Jonah all week, I decided this was a great time to begin potty training. I found this cool little Sesame Street sticker reward system that I wanted to try with him. He does so well with positive reinforcement so I thought this might work.

I let him look at all the stickers while he "tried" to potty. I explained what each of them were for. I also explained the jar of M&M's to him. He gets one M&M just for sitting on the potty. He gets two if he tee-tees and three for ...well, you know!
While we were "sitting" there just waiting, Jonah wanted to talk to Zoo-zoo. So, he called and told her what he was doing. Then, after he tee-teed, he said "call zoo-zoo tell she I dit it!" So, we called her back to let him tell her "I dit it!"

He was SO thrilled to put a sticker on his chart. He kept pointing to the sticker and saying "I dit it, I dit it, I dit it!"

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