Thursday, July 17, 2008

Easliy entertained

Jonah is typically a very easy child to entertain. He absolutely loves puzzles these days. We keep a minimum of 4 puzzles on the coffee table at all times. (I remember how I used to have the coolest "coffee table books" and great decor on my tables. Now, I have puzzles! LOVE IT!)

I keep a running wish list on so I always have it at hand when I want a little happy for him. We may end up doing several puzzles for his birthday next week. (NEXT WEEK???? THAT IS ENTIRELY TOO SOON FOR MY BABY TO BE TWO!!!) Anyway, I've been on Amazon searching for all of the Melissa and Doug puzzles that we don't have so I can add them to his wish list. He loves those and they are so well made. We spent almost three hours yesterday sitting around the coffee table playing with these puzzles.
I was logged in to my work computer for a little while yesterday and looked up to discover Jonah sitting quietly in his toybox. He was playing with his toys and just as content as could be!

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