Sunday, July 20, 2008

Brown Bear revisited! (and the Johnson's)

The mailman delivered a box to our door today that was addressed to Jonah. We opened it for him to discover a big Brown Bear from Sissy in Florida. There was also a Polar Bear in the box. If you have been a reader of our blogs for very long, then you know of the huge admiration for Brown Bear and Polar Bear.

Several months ago, my cousin's wife, Suzanne sent him a beanie baby size Brown Bear but I don't let him play with it. I know...that is terrible but I put it in his box of special things to pass on to his children one day. (with his going home from the hospital outfit, a copy of the Brown Bear book, his dedication Bible, etc) In my defense, Jami Ainsworth did take a portrait of him with the book and the bear. (One of those pictures will be in that box too!)

Anyway, we were getting ready to leave to meet our friends (more about them later) for dinner and he wanted to take Polar Bear and Brown Bear with us. I convinced him to leave one of them behind. So, out the door we went with Brown Bear in tow! I thought it was so interesting to see him climb in the van and then his seat while doing his best to hang on to the bear.

Whew...he made it! We went to downtown Natchez to meet our friends, The Johnson's for dinner. The Johnson's were members at Dan's very first church. They were his surrogate family and love him as if he is one of their children. I tell everyone that IF there were a Dan Glenn fan club, they would be members. I told them that and Mrs. Judy said "Members? We would be the president and co-president!!!"

When Dan & I met, he was still on staff at that church and anytime I went to visit, I stayed at their house. They have been a part of so many special moments in our lives. They gave us an engagement party, came to Dan's ordination service, came to our wedding, sent flowers then came to meet Jonah as soon as we were home from the hospital, etc. They are truly very special friends to our family.

Well, they came in town to surprise us a few weeks ago for the 4th of July. We didn't get to spend very much time with them then so they came back this weekend. They "reason" was to celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary but they really just missed Jonah. They have two grandsons and a third grandchild on the way but they adore our little boy. The bought him the most awesome birthday gift (you will see a post on that later) and just hung out with us for the weekend.

They stayed downtown in a penthouse suite at The Eola. We went to pick them up for dinner so we went up to see their room. They had a wrap around balcony that Jonah was quite impressed with. He also enjoyed looking out the windows at Downtown Natchez. (and yes, Brown Bear enjoyed the sights too!)

After checking out the views from their balcony, we headed to Cock of the Walk to eat dinner. After dinner, we headed out back to check out the Mississippi River view from the bluff. Here are Mr. T and Jonah hanging on to the fence.
There were some tourists out there too and they said they couldn't decide what was better, the view of the river or the view of our little boy. He really hammed it up for them.

Here they are on the 33rd anniversary! Dan offered to renew their vows right there since it was the actual wedding time. Mr. T was all for it but Mrs. Judy was pretty sure they stuck from way back then.
I love this picture. Mr. T adores my little boy and it is so obvious. He couldn't wait to get back here and get his hands on him. They told us we better get used to seeing them because they are addicted to Jonah now. That 1.5 hour drive for them is about to be happening a lot more often according to Mr. T.

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Anonymous said...

How sweet...I love Mr. T. and MS Judy too! Anybody that loves my little boo-boo that much is top notch with me.


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