Sunday, June 22, 2008

Visiting the Walsworths

We were so excited to get to spend time with Jason, Jada and Jalyn Walsworth. Jason was the youth minister here when we got to Vidalia 6 years ago. We instantly became friends with them. They moved to Ruston four years ago and we have kept in touch and still see them periodically. Jada is pregnant with baby number 2...a BOY! Little Jase is due to arrive in November. Jalyn just turned 4 and is going to make an AWESOME big sister. She was so sweet and helpful to Jonah.

She immediately showed him her art easel and some books. How sweet is that? Many kids are very selfish with their toys but Jalyn was so willing to let Jonah play with hers.

This is the two of them running to hide from Jason. Jonah didn't quite understand the concept but followed Jalyn anyway. When Jason walked in, Jalyn yelled "DADDDDDY!!!" Jonah thought his daddy was with Jason. It was kind of sad. He looked at Jason and said "Where Daddy?" then looked at me and asked the same thing.
We all went to eat at The Log Cabin. Jalyn was super helpful there. Everything Jonah dropped was immediately picked up and given back to him. I'd like to take her with me every time we eat out.
When we got back home, Jonah and Jalyn went straight to her room to play. He loved all of her toys...ESPECIALLY THE GIRLY ONES! I attribute that to the fact that he has never seen girl toys and they were all new and exciting! (At least I hope that is what it was!!!)
Jonah fell at while in the parking lot of The Log Cabin. Jalyn couldn't wait until we got home to give him a band aid. It was so sweet the way she ran in to get it and then put it on his leg.

Jonah adored the Barbie cash register! That was the one toy Jalyn wasn't completely thrilled with him playing with. She shared but we did eventually just put it out of Jonah's reach.

Yes, they are having tea at their very own tea party! Maybe it was a good thing daddy wasn't on this trip with us after all. Jonah participated in MANY girl activities!
This is such a cute picture of Jalyn. She is so precious and is going to make a great big sister in just 5 months.
Before bed, he gave Jada and Jalyn hugs. He is getting so good about loving on people. He had such a blast with them that I don't think I would have even had to tell him to hug them before going to bed. He loved every minute at their house.
I have to tell you the story behind the last picture and the next picture. Jonah was holding Lammy and Jalyn asked what that was. I told her it was Jonah's Lammy and he slept with it every night at home so we had to bring it to her house too. She went over to her bed and got this brown bear or dog and brought it back to Jonah. She told him he could sleep with it too because it was her favorite and she loved it. How precious is that? She was sharing one of her favorite toys with him so he wouldn't be scared at night at her house.

He crawled right up in Jayln's bed when it was time to go to sleep. I guess he thought he was going to sleep with her. She told him very quickly that was her bed and he needed to go to our room to go night-night.
I was a little concerned how he would sleep since he is used to only sleeping in his pack and play or crib. But, I made him a pallet next to me and he slept all night. When he woke up Saturday morning, he didn't move. He just kept whispering "hey mommy, hey mommy, hey mommy!"
This next picture may convince Daddy to accompany us on all trips to houses with little girls. Jonah loved Jalyn's strollers and babies. Well, in his defense, his favorite baby was actually a brown bear. That isn't so girly...right?

While I took a shower and got ready for the day, Jada played outside on deck with Jonah and Jalyn. He discovered the bubbles and would have been content for the rest of the day. He loves bubbles. Jason had to bring a towel outside to dry their feet because neither Jalyn or Jonah liked the wet, dirty feet!

Jonah seemed so big in Jalyn's bathroom. He just marched his little self in there and right up to the steps to the sink. Our steps in his bathroom have only one step so he has a hard time reaching the sink. Jalyn had two steps and that worked much better for him. I think I will be making that purchase soon.

I know these next few pictures are somewhat blurry but I couldn't delete them because they were so sweet. Jonah gave hugs to everyone before leaving...even Cha-cha!

Did you notice Cha-cha's tongue in the last picture? WOW! She was all about giving kisses to Jonah but not the least bit interested in the hugs he had to offer.
We had a great visit with Jason, Jada, Jalyn and Cha-Cha. It was so good to see them and catch up. I'm sad Dan didn't get to come with us but I'm sure he will make it up with a golf game in the near future with Jason.

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