Monday, June 16, 2008

A trip to Harmony Baptist Church

We left immediately after church this afternoon headed to Crystal Springs for Sara Madalin's baby dedication. We left early so we could make a quick trip over to Dogwood for a visit to Babies R Us and Party City.

We got to the church about 15 minutes before the service started. So, we took a couple of minutes to show Jonah our first house and the front of the church. If you don't know, this is the church where Dan was on staff when we got engaged and married. We joined that church together on the first Sunday of June in 1998. 10 YEARS AGO this month!!!! It was fun to visit Harmony with Jonah and introduce him to everyone.

Here is our very first house. This is the same house that was rolled one night when Dan got home after midnight and he accidentally set all of those trees on fire. It is a really crazy (and long) story how that happened so I won't type it all here but be sure to ask Dan about it sometime.

Harmony Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, Mississippi.
We had the great privilege of sharing in the dedication of Sara Madalin Brown tonight. Reagan and Malinda were 2 of our closest friends from our days at Harmony. We have stayed in contact with them over the years and have prayed many prayers and cried many tears for this precious couple. For 10 years, they have prayed for a child and experienced every low you can imagine in that journey. Last month, God gave them the desire of their hearts in the form of a precious little baby girl named Sara Madalin Brown.
After the service, Dan went to get Jonah from the nursery. Kevin told Dan he was very helpful and polite in there. He said he changed his diaper and Jonah told him thank-you. Ahhh....all of those please and thank you lessons are finally beginning to pay off!

Dan walked Jonah to the office area so he could see where his daddy used to work. Jonah was not so impressed with the office but very intrigued by Dan's teeth! He kept saying "Daddy teeth, daddy teeth."

We headed to the gym after the church tour for a fellowship honoring the Brown family. Jonah was not interested in the food but he was very excited to see the ball in there. He thinks all balls exist for his pleasure!
He spent some time playing with Skyler Sojourner. This was our first time to meet Skyler but she and Jonah share the same birthday. They will both turn 2 next month on July 27. Her daddy was in our youth group when we were there 10 years ago. Isn't she precious?

Jonah was a little fussy on the trip home because it was already way past his bedtime. He only got a one hour nap today compared to his typical two or three hour naps on Sunday. That is okay because a little fussiness is a small price to pay for being able to be there tonight to celebrate with our friends! What a great day!
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