Sunday, June 22, 2008

Leaving and Pecanland Mall

Friday afternoon, Jonah and I loaded up and headed towards Monroe for the weekend. My family had a big gathering in Quitman on Saturday. Dan had some things to do at home, so I decided to take Jonah and make a little weekend adventure out of it. Dan came to the car to give hugs and kisses. Jonah was not sad to say goodbye...only irritated that Dan's kisses interrupted his Leapfrog Letter Factory DVD. I think he would have been really sad if he realized he wasn't going to see his daddy for 30 hours!!!

We were in TERRIBLE weather from Sicily Island until Monroe. There were many times you could not see in front of you because the rain was so hard. Jonah kept pointing out the window saying "Wain, mommy!" I hoped the "wain" would help him fall asleep but it seemed to excite him more than soothe him.
The majority of people were pulled over on the side of the road. I slowed to about 20 miles per hour and just took it VERY slow. Bad weather always makes me miss my hubby!

We finally made it to Monroe and made stops at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target. After that, we went to Pecanland Mall for a little shopping. Although Jonah had not had a nap, he was in a great mood!!!

Allison, Ella and Amelia were at Sam's and decided to come to the mall to meet us. We hung out at the train until they got there. Jonah was super impressed with it. I don't think he realized he was going to ride it when Ella arrived.
Ella got there and immediately showed Jonah her "magic necklace." This is her new necklace that helped her during swimming lessons.
Jonah really looks interested in it, doesn't he?
The two were able to get right on the train for a ride. I wasn't sure if Jonah would like it but I guess having Ella there made everything ok. He thought it was great.
Amelia hung out in Jonah's stroller and ate applesauce while they enjoyed their train ride. Isn't she precious? Jonah is very stand-offish around her. He is smitten with Ella but kind of weird with Amelia.
They finished their train ride and the lady directed them out of the gate. Jonah wouldn't leave until he shut the door to the train. Oh, my little obsessive boy!!!

They waited for a little bit and watched the train go a round a few more times with other children then decided to ride it again. That is a great thing to have in the middle of a mall!
Since Amelia was in Jonah's stroller, Jonah held Ella's hand and walked through the mall. She had to really direct him because he wanted to touch EVERYTHING!
Isn't this sweet? Those two look so much alike that they could easily pass for brother and sister!

It was fun to meet up with them and spend some time with all of them. We told them goodbye but knew we were going to see them again on Saturday.

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I love the pics. The train looks like fun!


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