Monday, June 30, 2008

Fun times in Baton Rouge

We made a stop at Party City to pick up supplies for Jonah's 2nd birthday party. Yes, the sheer thought of that brings tears to my eyes. I CAN NOT believe my little baby boy is a full fledged toddler!! I have had such a difficult time this year deciding on a theme, date and time. This time last year, I had already purchased every thing for the party and had invitations addressed and probably even mailed. Maybe I should quit blogging right now and work on his party instead...just typing all of that stressed me out!! :-)

While I shopped at Party City, Dan kept Jonah entertained...or, was that the other way around? Several times, I heard Dan laugh out loud from several aisles over. Apparently, he and Jonah had fun.

After Party City, we headed to the mall. As soon as we walked in, Jonah said "ride horse!" I could not believe he remembered that from a few months ago. He didn't even see the carousel, he just knew it was there. We got to the carousel and let him pick his horse. Would you believe the kid only wanted to ride THE TIGER???? For those of you who don't live here, LSU is located in Baton Rouge and the tiger is their mascot. Well, the carousel has all horses and one tiger...MIKE THE TIGER. That is what he wanted. He kept saying "Ride tiger, mommy!"

We spent some time in the mall looking for shirts for Dan. He was in desperate need of nice shirts for work. Apparently, all of that shopping took a toll on his back because he had to spend some time on the inversion table at Sears. Actually, we were in Sears looking at Elypitcal Trainers. We have been in the market for one and have just gotten serious about trying them out and deciding which one to get.
After a full day of playing, shopping, playing, shopping, playing and shopping some more, our little boy was exhausted. He laid down on Dan and was out in just a few seconds. It is so difficult putting him to bed in a hotel because there isn't a separate room for him. Both nights of this trip were not a problem because he was so exhausted!

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Baylee's Mommy said...

Carl was trying on the hats when we went to party city too. Thing is though....Baylee wasn't with us. He was amusing himself. LOL

Eden & Noah's mama said...

Have you decided on a theme yet?


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