Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fun at Uncle Doug's house

We got to Doug & Allison's house around 10:30 Saturday morning. They are in the midst of packing up and doing some work to their house for a move to South Carolina. Allison bought a roll of newsprint for packing but it came in very handy for two little artists. It was Jonah's first time to use markers.

He was quite intrigued by Petey! Petey is much larger than Max but I think Jonah liked that.
Jonah was very happy to discover that Ella's house had Goldfish too! The kid could live off of a diet of goldfish!!!
Isn't she a cutie? She and Jonah favor so much! I have several baby pictures of Ella wrapped in a towel and then of Jonah wrapped in a towel. All you can see are heads and it is difficult to tell which head it is...Jonah or Ella!

Doug was leaving to play golf so Jonah told him bye but was a little skittish about giving him a hug. He kept leaning way over towards him instead of hugging him the normal way. Doug gave Jonah and Ella one of his hats to play with. That was a big hit!

Amelia woke up from her nap and was in a great mood. She was moving all over that floor. That girl has some speed!
Uncle Doug tried for one more hug but Jonah just did the lean in hug again. I'm not sure what was up with that.
I decided to get a cute picture of the three cousins together before we headed to Quitman. One of the cousins did not want to participate. He had a little meltdown when I put Amelia between he and Ella. He is quite fond of "Ewa" but not to sure about Amelia.

Amelia looked at him as if to say "What is your problem?" He was being such a little toot during the couch pictures.

Look at these sweet girls. They are so much fun and full of energy. In just a few months, there will be another brother or sister in the mix at their house. Their poor mommy and daddy may never rest again!!! (Just so you know, Dan & I are pulling for a boy!)
Jonah gave Aunt Allison and Ella bye hugs but would not go near Amelia. I'm not sure what his deal is with her but he is very intimidated by her. He watches her like a hawk but will not get near her. If you make him, (as referenced in the couch pictures above) he gets all weird about it.
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! SO sweet!

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