Friday, June 27, 2008

During the Circus

I will go ahead and let you know that the majority of these pictures all look the same. They are mostly of him watching things at the circus. I love the look of interest and excitement on his face.

I introduced him to cotton candy but he wasn't impressed. He kept pulling his head away from my hand.
I convinced him to try it.

He decided it wasn't so bad but preferred his fruit snacks. I'm kind of glad...I'd rather him crave snacks that are healthy for him. BUT, you have to try circus food when at the circus, right??

We had great seats. We were on the 2nd row right on the floor. That was great for things going on in the ring but not great for a little boy who wanted to be IN the ring. He probably would have done a little better had he not seen all the open floor space right next to us.
This is what happened every time we told him he had to sit down rather than play out in the aisle.

Once he was in either of our laps, he was happy again.

He renewed interest in the hat during intermission. We went back and forth with who wore the hat.

The man came around selling the light-up spinners. Jonah loves these things. We bought one on both trips to Disney and knew we would get one at the circus. Dan had already scoped out what they would be selling from their website. We let Jonah pick which one he wanted.

The tigers were the first thing to see after Intermission. We could tell Jonah was starting to wind down. It was already an 1.5 hours past is bedtime. So, we decided to watch the tigers then head back to our hotel. We told Jonah our plans and he wanted to know where the elephants were?

We left about 20 minutes early. I figured we would be leaving with lots of people who were trying to avoid the rush but it was JUST us. The lady at the door took one family picture of us. I am so grateful we have the opportunity to do things like this as a family. People constantly remind me that Jonah will not remember any of this. Maybe he won't...but we will! Besides, that is why I take pictures, do this blog and scrapbook. He will be able to look back and see all the fun things he did...even if he doesn't remember!

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Aren't you on top of things this morning! I keep thinking I need to go get my camera out of the car. I kind of dread it. Cari finished my 1 gig memory card and another one. She and Alexa had as much fun or more than Natalie. Though I am sure I will be deleting many of the circus images she took, I admit it was fun pretty fun watching through the lens.

Anonymous said...

Way to beat that circus traffic, Elbie!

Karin said...

How fun!!! :)


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