Wednesday, June 18, 2008

At the pool

It is little boy is a FISH! The kid adores water. We got to the pool Monday afternoon and I was looking in my bag for the sunscreen while Jonah headed straight for the pool and got in. SCARED ME TO DEATH! I am very cautious of him around any kind of water. It taught me very quick that I always need an extra set of eyes with me. Fortunately, Dan came after work so that made it a little less stressful for me!

After we played for a while, Jonah got out and walked around the side of the pool to where the rafts were. We assumed he was walking to get a raft but instead he stepped right over the raft and walked right to the diving board. That little daredevil marched himself right up there and walked right off the end!! He did this time and time again!!! After you see all the pictures, watch the video at the end. I was glad to have my camera with me to capture the first time off the diving board on both still shots and video!

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Spydermonkey said...

Later in the summer I'll teach him how to do a flip! I am impressed......


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