Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wednesday night

We got out of the car and headed towards the sanctuary to see daddy. Jonah stopped at the flowers and just stood there. I guess someone told him he should take time to smell the roses. Man, I could not get him to leave the flowers.

We walked in to the Sanctuary but Dan was no where to be found. Joshua, on the other hand, was at the piano going over music for WOW tonight. Jonah marched right up to him, picked up a microphone and joined in.

He is somewhat demanding at times. For instance, he actually patted the seat and told Joshua to "move." Fortunately, Joshua continued to play and not give in to Jonah's demands.
As you can see, Jonah was not too fazed by Joshua's lack of movement. He just sat down and hummed into the microphone.

We headed to the back so we could see Dan when he came in. But, we saw Roy (Woy) and Jonah stopped to give him a hug. We ended up staying back there with him for a while.

While I was waiting in the back, I looked to the foyer and saw Mamaw Chandler coming. I ran as fast as I could to see her. I even let her play with Bully. That was nice of me, huh?
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