Thursday, May 8, 2008

Random Pictures from yesterday

Here I am pointing to the CD player in my room. Every morning, I point to it and say "sic." (You know, for muSIC?) My mom keeps saying "MUUUUsic!" She is trying to get me to say th whole word but the way I see it, she knows what I'm talking about now, so why put forth the effort?
Yesterday morning, before we left for work/school, I picked up my mom's camera and took it to her. She tried to put me down to take my picture but I was a bit clingy. So, we took a picture in the mirror of daddy's bathroom. Mommy looks WAAAYYYY too happy in this picture!
Then I was a really sweet boy and put my head on her shoulder. Everyone seems to love it when I do that so I try to do it often in order to win brownie points.
I kind of got into the mirror thing and we started making funny faces. This is our scowl face! Mommy held the camera out to take this one and chopped off most of her head. HA!
Me and my mom cleaned their bedroom really good yesterday. (Well, really just mommy cleaned but I was there to lend emotional support!) This is me looking like such a little boy in the midst of that process!
Then I distracted mom from the cleaning by climbing on to her bed. You can see a video of that somewhere in a recent post on this blog! The silly dog decided he wanted mom's attention. He jumped up towards the camera right as she snapped the picture of me. He may be permanately blind in that eye since the flash was so close.

I love this little dog! He sure barks a lot and drives my mom and dad crazy a lot of the time but he makes me so happy!
Hey, look! I found one of my mom's shirt on the bed. It is great to play peek-a-boo with! That game cracks me up EVERY time!

When we got to church, Mr. David gave my mom her pie holder back. I thought that was a pretty fun thing to play with. I even took it to Tommy (a.k.a. Taddy or Mommy) so he could see it. I don't think he has ever seen my mom transport a pie to anyone so he wanted to see if it was a real pie holder!

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Karin said...

oooo - a Tivo remote and a Tupperware pie / cake taker :)


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