Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Last Friday

Jonah goes to daycare at First Pres on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. When I picked him up last Thursday they asked if it was any way he could come back on Friday. They had a special party planned for all of the moms and didn't want me to miss it. So, as you can imagine, we skipped preschool on Friday and I took him to daycare instead.

Dan went with me and he was to be the official photographer. We were the first 2 parent there. I sat on the floor with Jonah and several of his friends. His teacher told him to go get his gift he made for me. He was so precious as he walked over there and picked up the card. He had such a sly look on his face. It was one of the sweetest moments ever. I was so glad Dan was there to capture it all on film. I look over at him to smile at the camera and discover dear ole' dad just sitting there grinning!!! He missed the whole thing!!!!! I said, "Dan, where is the camera??" He quickly replied that he got caught in the moment and forgot to take pictures! AAAAUUUGHH! He did eventually get the camera out and get a few pictures!!!

They had a cake for us and Jonah quickly pointed to it and said "cake!" I wonder how he knew that was cake because we have never really given him cake. He ate his fair share for sure!

Several of the parents just left their kids there and went back to get them at the normal time. I could not do that so I just took him back to work with me. Dan had a funeral to preach the next morning and still had work to do on that. So, he headed back to the church and Jonah & I went to my work.
He had lots of fun playing with Jimmy. I'm sure you have seen the video of him and Jimmy watching the clothes spin around. These pictures were taken during that time.

Notice the "DANGER: High Voltage" box? Yeah, Jimmy taught him how to turn the button machine off and on. He was quite thrilled with that idea.

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