Friday, May 2, 2008

Dinner with Cliff & Beppa

My dad had a church meeting tonight so my mom and I went to dinner with Cliff and Debra. I'm pretty sure they felt sorry for us being all alone. That's okay because that worked out very well for me! I had a yummy dinner then some "man-time" with Uncle Cliff.
Before you look at the next few pictures, YES, my mom HAS read the email and seen the documentary about lemon wedges in restaurants. This is the first one I have had since all of that came out. I think she would have taken it away but I'm pretty sure she was just happy I was being so good.

Apparently, Uncle Cliff hasn't heard anything about all of that lemon stuff.

After we finished dinner, Uncle Cliff took me outside to the bluff to watch people. I had WAY more fun outside than I did in that silly highchair.
Before we left, we practiced flipping the cornbread like they do at Cock of the Walk. I think we could both work there if we ever need job.
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Anonymous said...

whats up with the lemon thing, I haven't heard anything about that.



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