Monday, April 21, 2008


I woke up Sunday morning feeling SO much better. Mommy still wasn't at 100 percent but since she teaches Sunday School, there wasn't much choice about staying home. So, we all loaded up and headed out the door at 8:30 for Prayer time in the Sanctuary. I decided to grab Brown Bear and take him with me. Mommy usually doesn't let Brown Bear leave the house because I might lose him. We have more than one copy now but I am attached to all of them and it would be BAD to lose one of them.

She finally decided to let me take Brown Bear so I would have something to look at while waiting for Sunday School. She was going to take a picture of me and my favorite book but then I decided I wanted to hold the camera. She did not let me do that! Man...she ruins all the fun!
When we got to church, Mr. Roy (WOY) was there waiting on us. He is always glad to see me. He usually meets me at my car because he can't wait for me to get all the way to where he is.
We headed to the sanctuary for Power Praying and I immediately started gathering hymnals for everyone. I was unaware that we don't actually use hymnals for Prayer time. Hey...I was just trying to be helpful!

Mom tried to take a few pictures of me when we got home from church but as you can see, I don't stay still long enough these days for the shutter to click fast enough.

We headed back to church Sunday night for an important business meeting regarding a Sanctuary Renovation Project. We don't usually have church on Sunday nights so this was a little out of my routine. That was fine by me because my teachers from Jefferson Street were there to keep me. I LOVE Mrs. Audley and Mrs. Shannon so it was fun to see them at my church.

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