Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Little Tiger! (NOT an LSU TIGER!!!)

When I was pregnant with Jonah, I read the blog of a lady that does "wonder days" with her kids. She started when they were about 18 months old. On those days, she chooses a theme and most all of the day revolves around that theme. They watch movies or TV around that theme, read books about the theme and even have food that relates. She watches the sales in all the stores to buy costumes for the kids so they can be "in character!"

Back at Christmas, I found Peter Pan and Buzz Lightyear on clearance at the Disney Store. (FYI...Disney Store costumes are AWESOME! They are very well made and so realistic!) I can't wait to have Toy Story and Peter Pan Wonder Days with my little boy. He had never seen either of those movies until last week. Now, that he is familiar with both of them, we will have to pull those costumes out. The Disney Store even had the Captain Hook costume for an adult and Tinkerbell for the dog. I refrained from buying those but had great laughs at the thought of Dan, Jonah and Max all dressed to play Peter Pan. I'm sure Max would have just hated me even more for putting him in a Tinkerbell costume!

Anyway, I found this Tiger Halloween costume at Gymboree for $4 last weekend. I couldn't pass that up. (especially since it was regular priced at $30! I can always sell it on EBAY and make a profit!) Jonah is quite smitten with Tigger so I figured this would be fun. He loved it. He kept making the tiger sound. Well, until I tried to get it on video then he was a little less dramatic and had to be prompted!!!

The only problem is that it is SO HOT! So, this probably won't be played with much as long as we live in Louisiana. If only we could move up north somewhere this summer!

This is him making his tiger growl and holding his claw up! (Notice he never puts his toothbrush down. The kid is OBSESSED with brushing his teeth! He got that toothbrush today and I showed it to him as I took it out of the package. It took 45 minutes to get him to take it to the back and tell it bye-bye in the bathroom where it belongs!)

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Barb said...

Too cute, but I'd prefer to see an elephant - Roll tide - rather than a tiger. =)


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