Saturday, April 5, 2008

Memorial Park

Last Friday, I needed to stop by my office after the Trikeathon. Since I work across the street from Memorial Park, Dan took Jonah over there while I did the things I needed to do. When Chim found out I was going over there, he wanted to go too!

Please ignore the "one item" sticker on Jonah's head. That is what you get when daddy is in charge. Does anyone remember the sticker incident from Jonah's first Easter? That was not a good experience for Jonah OR daddy!

When I walked over to the park, they were all very happy to see me. I think that was based solely on the fact that I brought a bottle of water for each of them.

Jonah was pretty amazed by all the pretty flowers. He would look at them and say "Fower, Fower...OOOH!"

Here are my two favorite guys. It is so fun for me to watch the two of them together. Jonah loves his daddy and Dan is over the top smitted with his little boy!

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Baylee's Mommy said...

I love that outfit and the crocs....wonder if they make those for 9 month olds...HMMMM :)

Barb said...

The picture of you and Jonah together is really sweet. Such a precious boy.


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