Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The girls, Mamaw and Mimi

We left Vidalia right after church Sunday and headed to Jackson. Dan fed Jonah lunch while I packed the car. We put him in the car seat in hopes of him taking a LONG nap all the way to my mom's house. That didn't happen. He slept maybe 30 minutes. I was worried he would be a grump the rest of the day but in true Jonah fashion, he was great! (Thus the reason I am scared to ever have another child! This one is way too easy!!!)

My first cousin, Alexis and her husband Mike have three girls. They spend the night with my mom most every Saturday night. I was so glad they were going to be there when we got to Jackson because I live too far from them to see them grow up. This is Ceci with Jonah. She let him clip her IPOD to his sleeve and listen to her music. He wasn't so sure what to think about that.

Her younger sister, Michaela spent most of her time on the computer. I guess a 21 month old isn't nearly as exciting as playing on the Webkins website. She did squeeze a few minutes in for her baby cousin right before she left.

I tried to get a picture of all the girls with Jonah before they headed home. That is Allie on the far left. She is the youngest of the three Bankston girls. Ok...TAKE ONE!
That didn't work...let's try again. TAKE TWO!
Oh, that is close except Jonah isn't smiling...TAKE THREE! mom took a picture at the same time and our flashes over saturated both of our pictures. I quit trying after that. It may be close to impossible to get a picture of 4 kids all smiling at the same time. I love these two girls. They actually came and spent the week with us in July of 2005. It was pre-Jonah when our lives were a little less stressed. It was fun though. We need to do that again. It is hard to believe 3 years has passed since that week.
Allie realized she was left out of the picture and made sure we took another one to make up for it.
Jonah spotted the piano and climbed right up. I think he was waiting for Joshua to appear to play with him???
Since we haven't been to Jackson since Christmas, my mom still had Jonah's Easter basket for him. It had a Veggie Tales book and an ELMO book in it. He was quite pleased to have both of those. He took the Veggie Tales book to mom and told her to read it. I guess you can see she follows his orders well!
After the girls left, Jonah crawled into MaMaw's lap and did some serious kissing up. He was giving all sorts of hugs and kisses to her. He showed her his book and even let her read a little of it to him. I guess he realizes he is is about to not be the baby of the family anymore. My cousin Crystal is due very soon with a little boy, Trace. Before Jonah was born, there had not been a baby boy in our family since my cousin TJ was born. He is around 30 years old now so that is a LONG time!!! Jonah broke the anti-boy spell and now Trace will make his appearance very soon. AND, my cousin Brandy, in Florida just found out she is pregnant and due in December. So, my grandmother is about to jump from 6 great-grandchildren to 8.

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