Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Gigi's house!

We left my mom's house around 8 p.m. and headed to Dan's mom's house to spend the night. She goes to work in the afternoons during the week so she was going to keep Jonah Monday morning for my appointment. We got to her house right at bedtime so she didn't get to visit with him for much time. But, she made up for it the next morning because he was in full play mode!

Check out this toy he is playing with. It is the Fisher Price Little People Hospital. It was Dan's toy when he was Jonah's age.

He was quite content in the little rocking chair watching Elmo. That is about as good as it gets for this little guy.

Oh wait...he found BERT! Bert was his daddy's toy too! It is really sweet to see Jonah playing with the same toys his daddy played with 33 years ago.

Gigi let Jonah help make breakfast. As you know, he is quite happy to help in the kitchen.

After finishing all the preparations for Breakfast, it was time to eat. Jonah had breakfast in the same high chair that his daddy, Uncle Doug and Aunt Darla used as babies. That thing must have been made of really good materials because it has lasted a really long time.

While I was away, Gigi gave Jonah his bath and got him ready for the day. I left my camera there in case anything exciting happened. It looks like he really enjoyed the letters and numbers for the tub. We might need to be making that purchase soon.

Wow...he really is smart! It looks like he is already spelling his name! That little stool my mom gave him for his birthday must be paying off! :-)

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Buy those letters...along with the abc books, the Elmo ABC dvd and those LETTERS is why Natalie knew her ABC's by Christmas (just 2 years and 5 mos. old). Neat, uh?

Karin said...

I had that hospital!!! :)

Do you know about (or have I told you about) the Letter Factory (Leap Frog) DVD?? Kevin learned the alphabet within 2 weeks with it! He LOVED it!! :) (He was 2 yrs at the time.)

Karin said...

actually, he was 2 yrs, 4 months to be precise :o) ha


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