Thursday, April 10, 2008

Beanbag, PJ's and Elmo!

I have discovered a love for my bean bag. I sit in it every chance I get. I like to watch TV, have a snack and especially read in that thing. I'm not sure who had the idea to get this thing for me but I am so glad they did.

I had my bedtime snack with Elmo and Elmo. It was my first night in 24 month PJ's. My Sissy gave them to me for Christmas but they just now fit me. I am really growing these days. My dad said he bets I weigh at least 35 pounds.

Mom took this picture of me holding Elmo's hand. I was watching TV while drinking my milk and just held on to his hand. I do love him!
The next night we had dinner plans but I had time to play before we had to leave. I spent some time working on my stool with my name in puzzle pieces. That thing makes me MAD!!! I am so impatient when it comes to learning how to put those letters in just right.

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Karin said...

Kevin is watching Elmo's World while I read this. :)

Cool about the bean bag! Kevin is getting one tomorrow for his bday!! :) His isn't leather though! ;)

Crystal said...

Tell Dan there is no way Jonah weighs 35 pounds. Bayleigh is just now 34. They just feel that way to us cause we are always attached to them.

Jerica Rossi said...

love it!!! you'll have to send me one for my website


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