Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Administrative Professional's Day

Last week was Administrative Professionals Day. My daddy and Joshua planned a lunch in honor of Ms. Allie, the church secretary. Some of the volunteers helped them pull off the big surprise. My mom and I joined them for lunch. Daddy came out to the car to greet us and walk in with us. I was so happy to hold his hand and walk beside him. I am a big fan of my dad!
After we got home and my mom looked at these pictures, she realized she didn't even get a picture of me with the guest of honor. She did get a picture of Joshua trying to get me to give him tater! I don't always do that except for my friend Josh Wilson.
We went home and my mom decided I didn't really eat enough at lunch. So, she tried to force more food down me. (Just so you know...SHE LOST!)

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