Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday Morning

I got dressed soon after getting up this morning. Normally, I am the last one to put my clothes on because my mom thinks I will automatically get dirty if she has me dressed too early. But, this morning she had a secret up her sleeve. She dressed me and then let me get on her bed to watch ELMO!!! She came in to take this picture but I didn't even look at her because I was too busy watching my friend Elmo!

She said these pictures look like I am 4 years old. I'm not...I'm only 19 months old but she said I looked like such a big boy. Oh, do you like my clothes? My MiMi sent this to me in the mail last week. It is my first thing to wear in that size. I really am growing!!! She kept interrupting my viewing of Sesame Street so I finally just smiled at her in order to make the flashes stop!

While mommy was getting dressed, Chim called to see if I wanted to come play. He does that most every Sunday morning. I sure hope he realizes next Sunday is Easter and brings me a chocolate bunny when he shows up at my door! (HINT, HINT!) Mommy told him we needed to avoid my toys because they were all cleaned with bleach the night before and may need to be rinsed again. So, me and Chim took off on a walk. Mommy had to look for us once she was ready to leave for church.
My neighbor actually stopped her car and got out to tell me how cute I was. Some people may think she stopped to pick up her paper, but I choose to believe she stopped just to compliment me.

When Chim said he had to go to church and I had to get in my car, I cried! I was very sad to tell him bye and even sadder to have to get buckled into that car seat. It is a comfy ride but not nearly as much fun as playing with Chim. Oh well, there is always next week!!!

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