Friday, March 21, 2008

More pictures from Hannah's Spring Break

Since I am such a busy boy these days, my mom has a backlog of pictures that still need to be posted to my blog. The oldest set out there is from when Hannah was here two weeks ago. Here I am with her and Uncle Scott. He was reading us a book. Well, Hannah read it too. I guess I'm the only one who didn't really contribute to the reading part of the book. I sure did enjoy looking at it!

Hannah and I spent a lot of time looking at books and her reading to me. I wish she lived closer to me so we could play all the time.
She also comes in VERY handy in the backseat. She held my puffs so I could eat them when I wanted. And, her hand is much easier to reach when she is next to me. Mom tries to hold them behind her back when she is driving so I have to stretch really far to reach them.

When Aunt Emily was getting ready to leave, I told her a story and she just couldn't believe what all I was telling her. Look at her mouth!
The next picture was taken when I was just about 2 weeks old. This is when they all came to see me right after I was born. I do not remember that at all! I guess it is a good thing my mom took pictures so I could really know they were here. Anyway, before they left a couple of weeks ago, my mom made us stand in the same place in front of the same tree. Unfortunately, this time I was dressed for my nap and am wearing PJ's. Oh well...a guy can't always look his best! Check out the difference in these two pictures. Wow...time sure changes things!

My mom also snapped a couple more pictures of me and Hannah. I'm still not sure which one of us likes the other one most!!!

I became quite the fan of "COT" (Uncle Scott) when they were here. He said I could go home with him and I probably would have except I would really miss my mommy and daddy!

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