Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Jonah's preschool divides the different parties among the kids in the class. At the beginning of the year, I was given Easter. So, since I had to help provide the food and do the egg hunt, I got to stay and take pictures. Jonah's class was in the gym on the riding toys when I got there. I found it rather odd that not one child in his class was actually riding one of the toys?

Jonah gave me the "Mom, what are you doing here in the middle of the day before I have had my snack" look.
Even though he was a little confused as to why I was there so early, I was very happy to see my boy in the middle of the day.
Jonah's class has about 13 kids with Jonah being the youngest and the oldest is 2 years and a few months. Minus one or two kids, they had no idea what to do with the eggs. It was too cold to go outside so we had to "hide" the eggs in the parlor outside of the gym. Jonah was pretty sure someone had dropped a lot of balls. He kept looking at me, shrugging his shoulders and saying "BALLS!!"
Sinnott and Marlie immediately picked up some eggs but the rest of them just kind of wandered around. I pointed a few eggs out to Jonah and he insisted they were balls so finally I just told him to put all the balls in his basket. That worked better.

The poor little guy wasn't feeling great because of his allergies. I tried to get a smile but all I got was this blank stare.

Look...a smile! He was quite impressed with his stash of eggballs! He showed me then showed his teacher. OVER AND OVER!

We left the parlor and headed back to his classroom. He proudly carried his basket and rounded the corner into his classroom.
That is when he discovered the balloons. OH MY GOODNESS!!! The boy ADORES balloons.

I finally convinced him that he couldn't have a balloon until he ate his snack. We had to move the balloons out of the room so the kids would eat and not be distracted by them.

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