Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dinner Bowl?

Jonah eats much better when he has a bowl to transfer food in and out of. Last week, after Scott, Emily and Hannah left, there were a few french fries left on the kitchen table. He brought them to me and wanted to eat them. I told him to get a bowl and bring it to me. (I knew he had several bowls sitting on the table and on his highchair. ) I went back to vacuuming and when I turned around, he had his fries in a bowl! It was the bowl from his new potty seat! He went to the bathroom and got it to put his fries in.

Fortunately, this potty seat has yet to be used. It is just in the bathroom so Jonah can get used to it being there. AND, I had just washed it earlier in the day because Max was licking it. (GROSS...not something I hope Max continues!!!) So, he finished his fries out of THAT bowl! Lovely, huh?

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Anonymous said...

Nicki you didn't say what bowl to get! so that's too funny! dude99

Barb said...

That's hilarious! I hope he doesn't get used to eating out of that bowl though.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

That's funny, and ummm ... a little gross at the same time.

Andrew & Audra said...

That's too cute. It reminds me of the times at work when we have no bowls--we use vomit basins to serve food and urine containers to drink from. Classiness at its finest. ;)It's even better if you just cleaned poop, pee, or vomit from a container that looked just like the one you're eating from just minutes before!

michael and anne said...

nicki...teach your little man to eat from a real bowl and we'll talk about the future! ha!

and yes, i'm all about arranged marriages. i think we should bring them back. in this day and age, and knowing the child has my dna, there's no telling who she'd pick!

Baylee's Mommy said...

This seriously makes me laugh out loud.


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