Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baking a cake

Last Saturday, I helped my mom bake a bunny cake for Easter. I've tasted cake on a few occasions but have never actually made one. I was excited about this because I got to use The Learning Tower.

We started off by washing our hands. I've heard that little boys don't always like clean hands but I am usually more than willing to wash mine because I love the water!!

After our hands were good and clean, we sprayed the bunny pan down with some kind of cooking spray that had flour in it. I wanted it to do it all by myself but I accidentally sprayed my mommy! Oops!

( I forgot to rotate the next picture...sorry!) The next thing we did was read the instructions on how to make the cake. I was glad mommy was there for that part because I can't read.

I helped her pour the cake mix into the mixing bowl then we added the liquid and eggs. Let me just tell you, eggs are gross. Some egg got on my hand and I cried until mommy let me wash my hands again. I did not like that stuff.

I was very intrigued by the mixer. I kept wanting to touch the white thing that was mixing the stuff but apparently that scared my mom and dad. I wasn't allowed to touch...ONLY LOOK!

After we finished mixing the cake, I got to lick the mixer. I wasn't really impressed. The picture below would be cuter except my daddy was playing with the camera settings and messed up a few pictures. (That is probably why he is usually the one in the pictures and mommy is behind the camera!!)
I even helped get all of the cake batter into the bunny pan. I really am helpful, ya know? After we got all the batter in the pan, we had to just wait!! You've already seen the pictures of the finished product so you know that actually turned out well. Well, the baking part...NOT the decorating part!

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