Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have a few problems with my hair on occasion. Mrs. Michelle (my friend who cuts my hair) says I have a double crown in the back then several cowlicks in various places on my head. It is quite unfortunate. I couldn't escape the bad hair gene because I got it from both my mom and dad!!! As a matter of fact, when they lived in Fort Worth, the same lady cut both of their hair. One day as she was cutting daddy's hair after she finished my mom's, she said "God bless your poor children! They are going to have awful hair!!!" Well, she was right and I am the beneficiary of their bad hair.

Last night, before the Valentine banquet, my mom could not make my hair lay down, It was sticking up in two different places. So, she decide to spike it. What do you think?

I stared at myself in the mirror for about 30 seconds as if I couldn't figure out WHO I was looking at. Then, I leaned over, picked up my dad's brush and tried to fix what my mom did to my hair!!! I did not like that at all. I kept trying to brush it out.

They finally got the idea that I didn't like it at all, and washed that mess out of my hair! Thank goodness!

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