Friday, February 22, 2008

The Natchez "Fair"

Last Saturday afternoon, we headed out to run a few errands. We had to stop by the mall first so we could pick up a few wedding gifts. As we pulled in, we saw the little fair they have at the mall every year. Dan said "I sure am glad it isn't this time next year because Jonah would be BEGGING to get out and ride some of those rides." I looked at him and said "Wanna take him over there?" He was already thinking the same thing. Man, we are suckers when it comes to this little boy having fun!! So, Dan headed off in search of the ticket booth while I got Jonah out of the car seat and ready for an afternoon of fun!!! While we waited for Dan, we walked over to one of the rides and let Jonah watch it. He was so impressed with it.

Dan came back and said the smallest amount of tickets you could buy was 20 for $22. I figured that would last us a while at just 2 tickets per ride. He could ride about 20 times. He got on the first ride and we buckled him in then stepped outside the gate so we could watch him. I must admit, it was a reality check for me to realize just how fast he is growing. He looked so big sitting in that purple dragon.

We left the dragons and headed over to the cars. We knew he would love this because it involved a steering wheel. Yeah, we were wrong! He made the first loop away from us and the tears began. He cried and cried for the next two loops around. We were "those parents" who actually asked the operator to stop the ride so we could get our child off. He was NOT impressed.
We figured it was just because he couldn't ride with us. So, we looked around and saw the only thing that we could ride with him...THE CAROUSEL! I decided to ride with him. That decision did not make him happy.

He finally settled down just a bit but refused to get on the horse. I would say "Jonah, do you want to ride the horse?" He would say "No...Dada! No...Dada!" I interpreted that to mean he only wanted Daddy. So much for my ego?

Then, we got off the carousel and he was happily back in daddy's arms. He was so intrigued by the carousel and especially the music. So, daddy decided to get back on with him.
As you can see, it was not mommy who made him unhappy on the carousel the first time. It wasn't even daddy the second time around. Apparently, it was just the carousel!!! He was NOT a fan!

Oh wait! Is that a smile I see? Yep! Daddy did it. He convinced Jonah that the horses were fun and that the carousel was actually okay! YAY for daddy!

After using only 8 of our 20 tickets, we realized the Natchez fair was not really all that exciting for our little guy. So, we found someone to give our remaining 12 tickets to and headed into the mall for a little shopping. He was actually much more content in the mall than he was outside at the fair. Is this my child or what????? :-)

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