Monday, February 11, 2008


We made a flying trip to Jackson a couple of weeks ago for a baby shower. I dropped Dan off at Eagle Ridge golf course and then Jonah and I headed to Clinton for the shower. We got back to the course to get Dan as he was finishing up. Jonah immediately spotted the empty carts and headed right over.

Jonah LOVES steering wheels. He will sit and play with ANYTHING that has a steering wheel on it. He thought he was really going somewhere.

While we were sitting in that cart, we saw Dan pull up to hole #18. Jonah & I walked over and sat in his cart and watched him. I kept saying "shhhhh" to Jonah to keep him from yelling out to his daddy. He did so good! He kept whispering "Dada, Dada." We watched everyone make their final putts, then as if on cue, Jonah cheered LOUDLY and said "YAY" as the last man sank his putt.

After all the men finished the round, daddy came over and said there was noone behind them so I could come up the green for awhile. Daddy helped me hold the putter and tried to show me how to use it. I was much more interested in playing with the golf balls than learning how to putt.

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As you can tell from the following video, my daddy doesn't spend very much time on the golf course these days. Apparently, my arrival lessened the amount of golf he plays. He sure is a good daddy, though!


Martha Jane and Patrick Alexander said...

Ok....This post made me think about my daddy...I used to do the same thing that Jonah did...take daddy's golf ball and walk it to the fact, I golfed so much with daddy, that on my wedding day we had a picture made on the golf course...we have a child pic and the wedding pic framed together!

Barb said...

Jonah even looks like a golfer in his argyle sweater. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

Nice sweater vest Dan! Is that a v-neck? guess who

Baylee's Mommy said...

Carl can't WAIT for this moment with Baylee. He wants she and I to go with him to the course so she can get a feel of it??? hmmmmm think we have a while before we have to buy her a set of clubs! GEESH!


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