Saturday, February 23, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

Today, we went to Baton Rouge to see Chuck E. Cheese. I went one time on my 6 month birthday but Kason had never been. I am pretty sure after our experience there yesterday that Kason will have no desire to go back anytime soon. It was HOT! It was crowded! It was crazy! I will try my best to recap our experience but it may be hard because I have tried to block those 2 hours out of my memory!!! (Yes, it really was that bad!)

Angie and Kason went to find our table while I stayed at the register to order. It took a while for us to order because the man in front of us didn't know what he wanted and the cashier had to explain the entire menu to him. I don't think he ever grasped that Chuck E. Cheese is a pizza place! By the time we got to to the register I had to sit while I swiped the card because I was exhausted. I wish mom would have realized this was a sign of things to come over the next little while!

After we found Angie and Kason at our table, we sat there for a while waiting on our pizza and watching every one run around. Kason must have been very thirsty. The only problem is that there was nothing in those cups. If you look closely, there are even holes in the bottom of the cup. It is what they use to hold tokens. My mommy found a sippy cup for him after he flipped this cup up!
We played with those cups for a long time. I guess we could have saved some money if they would have just given us a couple of cups to play with at home.
Here I am being very sweet by giving Kason one of my cups. I guess you could look at this picture and think I am taking one from him but trust me...I was being nice right here.
Kason didn't want my cup so I hit him with it until he took it from me. Jeesh...a boy tries to be nice and no one wants to take him up on it!

We got up and went to see the big cheese! I was not very impressed with him. Kason, on the other hand, was quite smitten. He liked him!

After I shunned Mr. Cheese, we headed to the game section to play a while. My mom discovered I was just as content playing the games without using the tokens.

Kason came over and we played the same game. Neither of us won because we never put a token in the machine.
We decided to ride some rides after that. Once again, Kason loved them and I cried. I've become very leary of these sorts of things.

I was fine with Kason on the ride and me pushing him. That was fun. Just keep me out of there!

When I went to Chuck E. Cheese the first time over a year ago, I rode in this red car with the same silly mouse. Click here to see that visit. That was in Jackson so I guess he just drove south to Baton Rouge so he could be there to take me for a ride. I wasn't as impressed this time.

I sat in my mom's lap to eat some pizza. It was so hot in there that she had to take her jacket off. She almost put me in a sweater today and I'm so glad she didn't. I probably would have had a heat stroke. Although, a heat stroke might would have gotten us out of there sooner so maybe that wouldn't have been a bad thing!

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Karin said...

Sorry Chuck E Cheese didn't turn out to be a magical moment! ;) We had a similar experience the last time we went. We made the mistake of going on a Saturday night. NEVER again. It was utter chaos. yikes!! Scary place ;)

Karin said...

btw, it's very funny to compare the 2 boys' facial expressions on the rides ;)

Brandy said...

Finally someone understands how I feel about Chuck E Cheese! Hot, crowded, and CRAZY! The pictures are too cute. I'm glad we get to see him grow and learn.


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