Sunday, January 20, 2008

Week 3 Recipes (Yep, I made two tonight!)

Since it was so cold outside, I decided to look for a soup or stew for the new recipe this week. By the way, I just heard today that there are bets as to how many weeks I will actually do this. So, if someone could let me know what the most number of weeks is, I can know how long I actually have to keep doing this! HA! Anyway, back to the new recipe. I chose Loaded Baked Potato Soup out of the 2006 Annual.

It may look good, but it was AWFUL! The only thing I can figure is that I used a different kind of potato than what it called for. Apparently, you can't find New Potatoes in the Miss-Lou area in the middle of January. Who knew?? Anyway, it just wasn't great. It was super easy but who cares how easy it is when you don't like it. Oh well, flop number one!

Since the meal was bad, I felt the need to make a new dessert as to redeem myself. I pulled out the Best of the Best Bell's Best cookbook. I made a dump cake. Hey, I know that isn't difficult but I had to make something I had all the ingredients for.

Well, it also bombed. It wasn't awful but it just wasn't great! Seriously, how do you mess up a recipe with only five ingredients? Maybe week three should be the end of my new recipe attempts? How depressing. Oh well, there is always next week! Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I guess looks can be deceiving because the soup looks delicious...but the cake, well it doesn't look very cooked. Good try anyway, Nick-Nick-

winstead family said...

DOn'T give up!!!!! at least you are trying!! i'm doing good to take something out of the freezer for shan to cook! :)

Barb Isbell said...

Interesting that the dump cake didn't turn out. That's about the only dessert I can actually make with success! Keep trying though.

Katie (and Tony) said...

Message to self: If I come over for dinner, bring my own food :)


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