Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tears over Brown Bear

You know how I have told you how much my child LOVES his Brown Bear book? When I tell you he is addicted to it, that is putting it very mildly. He loves it. Sometimes I wonder if he loves it more than his own parents. (How sad!)

Well, we had quite a meltdown this morning over leaving the book at home. We knew that if we got in the habit of taking it places that we might accidentally leave it somewhere. So, we make sure to just leave it at home. Well, Jonah had it with him ALL morning then when we took it from him to leave, the meltdown began!!!

So, we took the "tell it bye-bye approach." That tends to help things because he forgets he is being told what to do and begins to think he is the one in charge. This normally works miracles! So, we gave the book back to him and said to tell it goodbye.
All was well because he smiled and said bye to the book. But, as soon as Dan leaned down to get him closer to the counter, he tensed his whole body up and leaned closer to his daddy. Then the tears began.
Since it was getting later and later by the minute, Dan took the book, patted it and said Bye-bye to the bookBrown Bear.
Jonah was NOT at all happy about this decision and made sure to let us (and the rest of the neighbors) know that he was not pleased.
So, we told the book bye one more time and we headed out the door. He wailed most of the way out of Vidalia but settled down once we were on the bridge. Poor guy.
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Karin said...

Maybe you need a car copy and a diaper bag copy and a bedroom copy and a kitchen copy.... ;)


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