Thursday, January 17, 2008


Today is a special day in our house. Without this day, there would be no ALL ABOUT JONAH or no THE GLENN GANG. This is the 10 year anniversary of the day I met Dan. We always called it our anniversary of the day we met. Last year, my friend Karin introduced me to the terms Meetaversary and Dateaversary. Those are the anniversaries of the day we met and our first date. So, today we celebrate our MEETAVERSARY! (Man, spell check is gonna have a hay day with this post considering those aren't even real words!)

We were both at East McComb Baptist Church to lead a DiscipleNow. I was not in the best place in my life due to another relationship. My friend Hope convinced me to "get over myself and do something for someone else." So, I loaded up my Mazda 626 and headed to McComb completely unaware of God's plan for my life. At 5:56 p.m., I walked into that building and met Dan Glenn. The rest is history! Beautiful history, if you ask me!

Let's see, in those 10 years,

  • we met

  • we dated

  • Dan moved to a church in Crystal Springs which was 1 hour closer to me

  • we got engaged

  • Dan was licensed and ordained to the ministry

  • we got married

  • we moved to Fort Worth for Seminary

  • we had a wreck that could have killed us both but just totaled out car
  • we moved from on apartment on campus to another apartment

  • Dan served as Interim Worship Leader at FBC, GlenRose

  • Dan graduated from SWBTS

  • we moved to Erlanger, KY for Dan to be Youth Minister at Erlanger Baptist Church.

  • we bought our first house

  • we moved to Vidalia, LA for Dan to be Associate Pastor of Worship & Creative Ministries

  • we started trying to have a baby

  • we bought our second house and remodeled it

  • we got a dog

  • Dan's Grandpa died

  • my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer

  • we found out we couldn't have a baby

  • Dan's Granddaddy died

  • we started the adoption process

  • Dan became Senior Pastor of FBC, Vidalia

  • We sold our house with the pretty front door and moved into the Parsonage with an ugly front door

  • God closed the door on our Russian Adoption

  • We found out we were Pregnant. (Remember that SHOCK???)

  • My daddy died
  • Jonah was born

Then we continued to live happily ever after!!!!!

Obviously, we have lived a lot of life other than that over the past 10 years but I just wanted to hit the high points. We are so extremely blessed and can't wait to see what the next 10 years have in store for our lives. Thank you for sharing this journey with us!!!

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winstead family said...

i did not know all of this about you, since i knew you PRIOR to your meetaversary! thanks for sharing!!!! :)

Karin said...

YAY!!!!! How cool! Congratulations!!!!! :) :) And I even got mentioned!!! ;)

Karin said...

What a fun "trip down memory lane" (well, for you that is -- a lot of it was 1st time info for me! ;) ). Our 10 year meetiversary is coming up in May. But considering we all got married in May 1999, we were a little speedier than you! ;) ha! CONGRATS again!! I've wondered how we'll manage to celebrate our 10 yr meetiversary -- but with 2 babies & a preschooler, well....we'll be lucky to have a bowl of ice cream together in the kitchen. ha!


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