Saturday, January 12, 2008

On the couch

I decided it was time I learn to get on the couch on my own. If someone is sitting on a couch, they gladly pick me up but I am tired of waiting for someone to put me up there. I am 18 months old (in a couple of weeks) and need to learn to do a few things on my own.

Whew...this is TOUGH work. I think I could have done it with our old couches but these are just too high for me right now. Give me another month or so and I bet I will be able to get on the couch all by myself. My mom had to give me a little nudge to help me out.

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Karin said...

Your pillows match your blog!!! :)

Crystal said...

Jonah it would be much easier if your mommy didn't have those tricky jammies on you. It is not your fault baby, just blame her.


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