Tuesday, January 8, 2008

National Championship Parties

Since we live in LSU country, we had TWO National Championship parties to attend. The first one was with the youth at The Warehouse. I'm pretty sure me and my mom were the only two people there NOT wearing purple or gold. My poor daddy abandoned his maroon & white for the night and showed his support for the tigers.

Marlie came to the party all decked out in her LSU jersey. If you see her mommy, be sure to ask her who she borrowed Marlie's jersey from?????

After we left The Warehouse, my mom took me to another party at the Welch's house. They had TV's in two rooms. One room was for the serious game watchers and the other room was for the ones who really didn't care. I wandered back and forth but always seemed to be ushered out of the serious room when the game was on. I guess we see where I rank when it comes to LSU!!!
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