Friday, January 11, 2008

My bed!

Would someone please explain to me how Jonah always ends up sitting in MY bed? When my parents got new living room furniture, I ended up with a bed that matched the colors in there. (Yeah, like people actually notice OR care what color my bed is???) I was happy to see my bed until I realized that meant I was no longer allowed on the furniture. WHAT? I have always been more than happy to perch myself next to anyone who would rub me. Now, I have been banished to the floor.

As if that were not bad enough, Jonah finds great pleasure in sitting in my bed. How is that fair? I have ONE place in the living room that I am allowed to sit and he seems to find himself there more often than not. Oh, and you want to know the worst thing about it? People think it is cute!!! Ooohhhh...that just burns me up. How come it isn't cute when I hop on the couch?

If I weren't afraid of the pound, I might just bite him!!!!

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