Saturday, January 5, 2008

Messy Boys!!

I was in the living room with Jonah tonight when I heard something hit the floor then heard Dan say "Oh no!" He was trying to pour Hot Tamales out of the big bag into a smaller zip lock bag. He slightly missed the opening and Hot Tamales went everywhere. Jonah headed straight to his daddy to help clean up. He loves to pick things up and put them where they go.

We finished getting all of the candy off the floor and while Dan swept, I took Jonah's clothes from the dryer to his room. As I was putting his clothes away, I hear Dan say "Uh-oh!" Apparently, Jonah walked to the pantry, got a sleeve of Ritz Crackers and poured them on the floor. He promptly sat down to eat them. I guess he figured if Dan could pour his candy on the floor then he could pour his crackers on the floor. I see lots of messes in my future!!!!

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Karin said...

that's too funny! I thought you were going to say that Jonah ate hot tamales though ;)


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