Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Friday night with the Merritt's!

My dad had soccer games to referee Friday night so me and my mom headed down to the Merritt's for dinner. I like to go there because they usually have toys waiting for me. How cool is that? There is a round laundry basket right in the doorway to the den that is all for me!! I walked right in and found my bag of blocks. Aunt Debra helped me open the bag while Sassy sniffed to make sure none of her food accidentally ended up in that bag.

After I played with blocks for a while, I turned my attention to the piano. I practice every time I go there. Sometimes, I even serenade the adults while they are having dinner. I think they all really like that. I didn't play long before I pointed to the book. How do they expect me to play piano if I can't see the notes I am supposed to play??
Once she opened the book for me, I got down to business. I'm pretty sure I am getting better because mommy, Aunt Debra and Uncle Cliff all stopped what they were doing to listen to me.
I decided to stop for just a second and grin for the camera. I figure if I am a prodigy then Jay Leno or David Letterman will want this for their show when I am playing for them in a few years. They always like to have pictures of babies or toddlers honing their skills.

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