Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A box from Amazon

We got a big box in the mail from Amazon today. Mommy knew exactly what it was and she was pretty sure I wasn't going to like the contents of the box. So, she decided to let me play with the box and the paper. Let me tell you, they put a LOT of paper in that box.

Here I am checking out the contents of that big box. Yep, it is a crib tent. I have started trying to crawl out of my crib and apparently that is very dangerous. They think I could really hurt myself if I land on the hardwood floor so they found this crib tent that will keep me in. My mom's friend in North Carolina, Mrs. Karin told her all about it. Her little boy Kevin used one until he was 3 years old. Her new babies from Vietnam already have them on their beds for when they get home.

Mommy seems to think I will hate this thing. She tells me I should learn to love it because it may be the only tent I ever sleep in because they have no plans to go camping. (Bummer!)

I am okay with the tent as long as it stays in the box. I'm sure I will be a little intrigued once it comes out but I'm sure the interest will soon fade. Stay tuned for my impending meltdown!!

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Karin said...

Ha! :) Has it gone on yet??

I like being famous! ;)

Crystal said...

Jonah you can come go camping with Bayleigh. She loves it and would probably like it even more if she had someone to play and run around with.


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