Tuesday, January 22, 2008


My child has a new love...APPLES! (or BAPPAS as he likes to call them!) I bought an assortment of fruit from WalMart last night and he immediately spotted the apples when I was unloading the groceries. He walked right to his high chair, tried to get in, all the while saying "BAPPA, BAPPA, BAPPA."

I always give him the whole apple first just to see if he can take a bite out of it. He usually gets a little bite then does his best to get the peeling separated from the meat of the apple. Once he does that, he spits the peeling out. You can kind of tell that is what he is doing in the next picture.
I finally just peel and core the apple and give it to him in wedges. He MUST have a wedge in both hands. Apparently, you can't eat anything unless you have pieces of it in both hands. It must be a rule or something?

When he did the sign for "STOP" numerous times, I assumed he was all done. So, I took his bib off and got him out of the chair. As soon as he got out, he reached on the tray to grab to wedges then sat down on the rug in front of the stove. I guess he wasn't done after all!

Max kept trying to take a bite so Jonah turned his back to him! HA! That is what Jonah gets for always giving Max a bite. The dog has gotten used to it and expects it.
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