Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas time is here!

Tonight Kassi came over to play with me and she brought my very first Christmas gift. (except for my train I got at Thanksgiving. Then, mommy came home with a package from Dr. Russ and then the next night we found a package from the Brocato's on the front door. This is fun!!!

Guess what folks? Christmas time is here. And, unlike last year, I know exactly what to do with these presents!

My crazy dog thinks all of these gifts that are coming in are for him. I've yet to see one with his name on it. I let him get close to the package then I rip the paper and it scares him to death. It's great!

Even though Kassi was very nice and brought me a bouncing Cow, you might change your opinion of her when you see what she did to me later in the night. Stay tuned...that post is coming!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The wedding is OFF!

Well, I regret to inform you that the impending wedding between me and Caroline is OFF! She has decided to move all the way to Houston, TX and I will not be a part of a long distance relationship. I tried to explain to her that NO other future husband was at her birth or had bunny pictures made with her or went to her birthday party. She seemed to have her mind made up about moving and no amount of coaxing from me could make her stay. I was a little mad at her but she kept hugging and kissing me so I got over it. Hey...who can resist charm like that?

I told her this was all too hard so I was just going to walk away. Then, she tackled me and gave me more hugs and kisses. Man...breaking up is HARD work!

So, all you single, eligible toddlers out there...I'm AVAILABLE! Leave me a little message if you are interested! :-)

Visiting Dad at work

My dad doesn't come home from the office on Wednesday nights because he is getting ready for the service. Tonight, I was really missing him so mommy loaded me up and we went to see him a whole hour before church! I think he was just as happy to see me.

He had 2 computers going at the same time. Can you believe he didn't let me play with either one? Selfish? I think so!!! I will forgive him this time just because I was so happy to see him.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another crazy day at the Glenn house!

One of my favorite things to do at night is play in my room with my mom and dad. Sometimes, we spend the whole night back there. Most of the time, I have a great time in there but tonight, I wanted to go to the living room to play. I stood in the doorway saying "go!" It didn't work. They stayed right where they were.
I moved over to my bed to pull Lammy out and Max was up on his back legs seeing what I was doing. I guess he thinks I keep a stash of food or something in the bed with me. Well, daddy scooped him up and put him in my bed. Since I thought that was so funny, he did even more to make Max a baby.
Yep, daddy put a diaper on Max. Max HATED it. I thought it was kind of funny because Max kept running around and rolling and scooting to try to get it off.

Mommy didn't think it was funny because Daddy wasted a diaper. But, apparently she thought it was a little funny because she took pictures!
After all of the fun times with Max, I was pooped! They put me down for the night and came back a few minutes later to check on me and this is what they found...

They knew I must be tired because I had not moved since they laid me down. Normally, I roll right over on my belly but tonight I just laid like this for a while. is hard work being a little boy!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Breakfast & Lunch Pics

I was eating breakfast this morning when my mom pulled out the camera. I immediately started CHEEZIN'! I acted so silly. She was laughing at me and had a hard time getting good pictures.

After school, she picked me up to meet the Hibbs for lunch at Sonny's. I had pizza and some of Mrs. Cathy's spaghetti. She orders spaghetti because I like it so much. Tell me I don't have her wrapped around my little finger! Anyway, I thought you would like to see pics of how much I enjoyed my lunch.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Vidalia Christmas Parade

The picture above is from the Vidalia Christmas parade last year. What a difference one year makes! Several things have changed since this time last year.

1. It was so cold out there last year. This year, I could have worn shorts. Not kidding!
2. I was dressed like a snowman last year. This year, I would have revolted against that idea.
3. I had to be held the entire parade last year. This year, I walked around most of the time.

I could go on, but you get the point. Click here to see pics from last year. Keep reading to see pics from this year.

I was going to wear some of my Christmas clothes but it was too hot outside. Mommy scrambled to find something for me to wear that had a little red in it. Daddy said I looked like an Ole Miss fan so he grabbed my cowbell to throw a little maroon into the picture. I think the people next to us wish he had rethought that idea. They must have been LSU fans because they did not like my cowbell.

In the rush to get me dressed and out the door, mommy and daddy met up at the car, only to realize they matched! Apparently, that is a very big no-no for my daddy. Mommy told him she wasn't going to change and if he wanted to change then he would have to meet us at the parade because we weren't going to be late. I guess he cared more about seeing me enjoy the parade than looking like a complete goober! (Ya might want to rethink that next time, dad!!!)
I had as much fun waiting for the parade to start as I did watching the parade. I've never been able to walk in the street before.

Mom and dad forgot my candy-catching bag so I had to borrow one from Mrs. Jennifer.

Marlie got to the parade just in time to see the beginning. She had a toy reindeer she let me play with.
The parade fell right in the middle of my regular nap time. I got a little tired standing there so my daddy picked me up. I laid my head on his shoulder for a little while. I think they really like it when I do that because they always say "Awwww!"

Mommy seemed to really enjoy having her picture taken. She looks a wee-bit giddy in that picture.

Don't tell Max, but Toby (Marlie's dog) came to the parade. Toby was definitely in the Christmas spirit.

People kept asking what I had to do to get all those beads. I'm not really sure what that means but all I did was stand there and look cute. :-) Daddy says to tell you I kept my shirt down the entire time!?!?


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