Saturday, November 24, 2007

The ride home

The worst part of any trip is the travel to and from your destination. The trip home from Fairhope is about a 5 hour drive. It took us 8 hours. That would be my fault. I just don't really like being in the car seat for more than about 2 hours. At that point, I tend to have a bit of a meltdown.

Before my mom shut my door, she handed me my blanket and Lammy. I think she had great hopes of me going to sleep.

I did so much better on that stretch of the drive than I ever have. I went three hours without whining or crying one time. My parents rewarded that by stopping at Target and letting me roam the entire store until my legs got a little tired. My dad had to get some medicine and I picked up to medicine boxes while we were on that aisle. I carried them around the whole store.

We stopped at the bicycle row so I could try some helmets on. I look kind of like Uncle Cliff with this hat on.
After Target, we went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner. I was really good there, too! My dad was happy because he got to see the last quarter of the LSU/Arkansas game. He and I walked over to the TV for the last few minutes while mommy cleaned up the floor around my chair and paid the bill. When LSU scored that game tying touchdown, the place went nuts. It scared me to death. I cried and cried!!! We got back in the car after that and began the journey home.

I got a little fussy right outside of McComb. That is about 90 minutes away from our house. Although my parents really wanted to keep going, they decided to stop and give me one more break before the final trek.
We stopped at the mall and went into Belk so I could walk around. We spent a great deal of time in the bedding department. Mommy has been on a desperate search for a new comforter set for their bedroom. We started out there because she was checking out their selection. We stayed a long time because I was having a blast with my daddy on this bed!!!

We finally made it home after 8 hours. We got everything unpacked and I took a bath and went right to bed. What a trip!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

The Swingset

Today was the big State versus Ole Miss game. It was kind of a family rivalry. My mom's whole family are Ole Miss fans. (except for Aunt Emily!) My dad's family are State fan's. My mom was always and Ole Miss fan but when she married my daddy, she kind of shifted her loyalty. It took a while for it to happen but she does pull for State now. That makes my daddy very happy!

Well, a few weeks ago, she met NeNe in Jackson for Mistletoe Marketplace. One of the first booths had these little MSU Christmas outfits. She immediately bought one for me. My daddy hated it! Well, he loved the bulldog part but said the outfit looked like PJ's. Mommy disagreed and apparently won that dispute because here I am wearing the outfit the day after Thanksgiving.

Grandaddy took me outside to play on the swing set so I could burn a little energy before our trip home. I loved being outside and playing on the swing set. I told Santa I wanted some outside toys for Christmas. We'll see if he really does listen!!!

An early Christmas Present

Christmas came a little early for me this year. We have a family Christmas scheduled in a couple of weeks at our house. My grandparents were going to leave Mobile, head to Vidalia to celebrate Christmas with us, then up to Ruston to celebrate with Uncle Doug and his family, then over to Jackson to celebrate with Aunt Darla and her family. Well, they asked everyone if we could get together and celebrate with each other at the same time. So, in a couple of weeks, my daddy's brother, sister and their families are all headed here.

My daddy really wanted me to have a train set for Christmas. Even though I am still a little young, he found a Geotrax set that has LOTS of add on pieces. He showed it to Granddaddy and Granny and they decided to get it for Christmas. They wanted to see me open it and play with it so they decided to give it to me this weekend. They were all pretty sure it would be too difficult to pull out with 8 adults, 4 children under age 3 and one hyper poodle.

That worked out very well for me because I got an early present. By the way, rob h, please notice that I kept the General Lee in my hand for the unwrapping of the gift. Then, when I got it all the way unwrapped, I used the box as a track for the General Lee. Impressed?

After I opened my present, it took daddy and grandaddy a while to put it together. When they were almost done, daddy discovered it took 14 triple A batteries. So, mommy and Aunt Laura headed to Walmart to buy stock in Duracell.

Even though the gift was for me, I kept getting whisked out of the dining room so they could put it together. Fun gift, huh? It's okay...Granny kept me entertained with Cheetos.
Seriously, check out the amount of Cheetos I have in my left hand. This made my mom very nervous because their sofas are WHITE!!!
Since granny was nice enough to give me the Cheetos, I was nice enough to feed some to her.

Once they got it all together, it was time for me to be the conductor. I'm really not sure who was the most or daddy! Well, yes I was definitely my daddy!

Hey, no fat jokes about the next picture. I can't help it that my PJ's are a little snug and that I had a big meal followed by lots of cheetos today!

Doesn't this look fun? My dad is really excited about MANY years of train time together with me!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Lunch

Granny fixed a really YUMMY lunch. I was very hungry and super excited about tearing into that meal. Just when I thought we were going to sit down to eat, my mom decides she needed a family picture around the table. Man...what does it take to get a little food around this place?
They finally gave me a plate with my own food. I got to feed myself and had a large time with that. Somehow, I ended up with 2 spoons and one fork. How great is that??

Not sure if you noticed or not, but the strap around me is a luggage strap...not a high chair strap. My grandparents bought this high chair in the Amish country. It is absolutely beautiful but not all that practical for a little guy like me. I think you will see why in the next few pictures.

I am used to being completely confined. But, this thing let me lift the tray up and almost get out on my own. My daddy finally got me out of there so I walk around and do my own thing.

The center of attention

I took full advantage of being the center of attention today. Pretty much,whatever I did, everyone thought was cute or funny. I got lots of cheers and laughs. A kid could get used to having all eyes on him!!!


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